Benedek Ágost Nagy

About me

Height: 180 cm (5’11’’)

Weight: 77 kg (169,76 pounds)

Born: 1995.10.29.

Position: guard

Nationality: Hungarian

TeamBKG-Prima SE (2016-present)

VIDEO - Benedek Ágost Nagy Scouting Video 2015/2016

VIDEO - Benedek Ágost Nagy Season Highlights 2016/2017 

VIDEO - Benedek Ágost Nagy Season Recap 2017/2018

VIDEO - Benedek Ágost Nagy Season Highlights 2018/2019

"He is very coachable and really loves to work. His work and game ethic makes him a  typical guard who can be the leader of his team. 

Very good shooter, passer. Takes responsibility in hard times and can be the solution if you need a solid offensive and defensive player on the court. 

He isn’t tall,  about 180, but he is strong, athletic, powerful and quick enough to be a big job and problem for his opponents. 

Very creative pick and roll player. 

He's been one of the best youth player in the B league of the Hungarian 1 division. Has international experiences where he proved that he is a great competitor who can play the point and shooting guard. 

He has great and solid shooting mechanics. His skills allow him to solve the offensive problems in the endgames. 

He makes great decisions. 

His court vision, passing culture, ball handling and quickness are above the average.

Very creative 1 on 1 player. 

Great  defender who can stop much bigger and taller key players 

He has also the tools to be elite on the pro level also. 

He is a great person. Speaks English and Spanish. Smart student on and off the court. He finishes his fourth semester in the Hungarian Physical Education University."




My courses and training programs (9+2 semesters)

- Physical Education Teacher in high school, Adapted Physical Education and Health Promotion Teacher. 

I finished my 10th semester in June (2019)