My university Courses (since 1992)

Physical education, basketball, methods of sport training, sport management, sport

organization, training theory, game theory, sport pedagogy,

I have been involved in sports sciences and researches since 1991. I examined the technics,

tactics, and the psychological, pedagogical and physiological background of basketball. I have

got articles and lecture notes of these subjects and presented on trainings.


I have been a lecturer of the Hungarian University of Physical Education since 2007.

Interested in teaching, educating sports, comparing management and basketball strategies

and organizations.

Translated many sport books from English to Hungarian.

I provide a basketball web site where I can publish my articles as well. This was the only

basketball site in Hungary where you can find scientific contents.

As the sport director of the University of Debrecen (2005-2011) I reserched the new

possibilities of the sport life of the university level in Hungary. Due to the results of my studies

I worked out many programs, global and partial strategies.